Seedy Sunday: the campaign

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Seedy Sunday: the campaign' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Seedy Sunday: the campaign' page

Protecting biodiversity and the seed supply

By Lindy Sharpe

The Seedy Sunday campaign is to protect biodiversity and protest against the increasing control of the seed supply by a handful of large companies. The F1 seeds sold by seed companies are not capable of being collected and used again after the plant has flowered, so for the first time in history growers have to buy new seed every year. This is annoying for growers in the UK, as it creates an expensive dependency, but a calamity for subsistence farmers elsewhere in the world.

Thousands of garden varieties are disappearing

It is in the companies' financial interest to focus on a small number of varieties that best suit the demands of large-scale growing and retailing. EU legislation reinforces this by making it illegal to sell or buy seeds from varieties which are not officially 'Listed' - a costly and time consuming process. As a result, thousands of tried-and-tested garden varieties are disappearing. And with them goes some of the genetic raw material that will enable plants to adapt and survive in the future.

A global campaign rooted in your garden

The campaign to protect our seeds stretches around the world, but it has its roots in your garden. By growing open-pollinated varieties, then saving and swapping the seeds, growers can keep alive 'outlawed' varieties, conserve biodiversity and limit corporate control of the basis of life.

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Great idea. Congratulations from Spain. I think this is something beautiful.

By Jose
On 11/02/2008

Great event, swapping seeds & potatoes.
Any idea whether this is possible in London?

By joanna
On 15/02/2011

Protecting Biodiversity World Wide I came across this interesting interview which helps explain the international "effort" or otherwise (U.S., Canada, or Australia) to protect biodiversity. "...Philip Bereano is Professor Emeritus in the field of Technology and Public Policy at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has been an active and outspoken proponent of democratic social ethics in technology for decades. He is on the roster of experts for the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol, a participant in the UN’s Codex Alimentarius processes, and co-founder of the Council for Responsible Genetics, the Washington Biotechnology Action Council, and the 49th Parallel Biotechnology Consortium...."

By Theresa
On 01/01/2012

It's a wonder idea and we all benefit from it. Thank you x I'm looking forward to next Sunday. Linda

By Linda
On 05/02/2012

hi, i discovered you in THESIMPLETHINGS magazine at Barnes and Noble. I am traveling backto Virginia, actually moving back from living in sunny florida. do seed swaps go over well in the winter months. and i am from Harrisonburg, virgina. I would like to start a seedswap there...myname is the savy bohemian. i am an advocate of Eco-Feminism. which is exactly what you are doing. Bringing integrity back to the earth. thank you... olivia sterling ...

By olivia sterling
On 04/01/2013